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CircAid 27" Thigh-High 2000

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CircAid 27" Thigh-High 2000 Legging with CircPlus II Ankle-Foot Wrap (Non-Elastic Support For Daytime and Nighttime Use). Thigh-High 2000™ The Most Advanced, Comfortable, Non-Elastic Adjustable CircAid Thigh-High Legging Yet "Our test patients reported increased satisfaction with the comfort of the Thigh-High 2000™ with the addition of an elastic knee insert. Furthermore the fit is greatly improved...maintaining the necessary compression that lymphedema patients require to maintain their limb size. This improvement results in less time required to fit the patient with the device as well as decreasing the possibility of making costly mistakes." — Rebecca, Certified Lymphedema Specialist. Tampa, Florida. Our CircAid® Systems have become the definition of clinically proven, non-elastic, adjustable and thereby sustainable compression in the treatment of venous and lymphatic disease. The CircAid Thigh-High 2000 features: Easy On/Off Extremely Comfortable Flexible Knee Non-Elastic Immediately Adjustable Night Time Garment Adjustable Sustained Compression Foam Liner Gradient Counterpressure Minimal Adjustments Six Month Guarantee The CircAid Thigh-High 2000 features a series of interlocking non-elastic bands that are tightened around a soft, comfortable foam liner. The foam liner insures smooth comfortable compression over the entire leg while also preventing the garment from sliding down the leg. A flexible knee portion of the garment allows for a greater range of motion when bending the leg at the knee. A strip of neoprene running along the back of the garment provides an improved fit by accommodating any shape or size limb. The Thigh-High 2000 is our easiest, most comfortable thigh high legging yet. The Thigh-High 2000 comes with a CircPlus™ II Ankle-Foot Wrap which covers the ankle and foot area completely. This augments the Legging in reducing and containing edema. The CircAid Thigh-High 2000 is available in standard sizes (small, medium, large, and X-large) which require eight circumferential and two length measurements. Measuring charts and pricing information available upon request. A physician’s prescription is required. Indications: Venous insufficiency and lymphedema. Contraindications: Severe arterial insufficiency, acute infection.