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CircAid Ready-Fit Classic Lightweight

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CircAid Ready-Fit Classic (Ready-Fit ’96) Lightweight Legging with CircPlus II Fit Ankle-Foot Wrap (Non-Elastic Support For Daytime and Nighttime Use). Our Ready-Fit CircAid Leggings have become the definition of non-elastic, adjustable and thereby sustained compression in the treatment of lymphedema and venous disease. Clinically proven superior to elastic stockings, ace wraps and Unna’s boots, the Ready-Fit Classic can be worn 24 hours a day and their comfort promotes high patient compliance. The CircAid Ready-Fit Classic makes effective compression possible for many people who need easy application. The Ready-Fit Classic is applied by interlocking the bands that are then tightened to a firm, comfortable compression. During wear, adjustment to proper compression and comfort is always possible. The Ready-Fit Classic comes with an Ankle-Foot Wrap which covers the ankle and foot area completely. This augments the Legging in reducing and containing edema, and preventing ulcers from recurring. The CircAid Ready-Fit Classic is available in standard sizes (small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large) which require only three simple measurements. Precision-Fit™ Ready-Fit Systems are also available to accommodate unusual shapes, and abnormal leg sizes. Non-elastic Adjustable Hand Wash & Air Dry Easy to Apply & Remove Wear 24 Hours a Day Guaranteed for a Year Hypo-Allergic Indications: Venous insufficiency and lymphedema Contraindications: Severe arterial insufficiency, acute infection