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Tricofix Tubular Bandage 6cm x 20m

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Tricofix – is a non-irrative, durable and economical lining for lymphedema wrapping.  Tricofix (6cm x 20m, 1 roll per box) protects skin surface under compression, zinc gel or adhesive bandages.  Also, useful as skin protection under plaster of Paris or synthetic cast and as a lining for lymphedema wrapping.

Features & Benefits:

·         100% cotton for non-irritative comfort

·         Highly absorbent and well tolerated

·         Easy application, may be cut anywhere, does not run or fray

·         Both lengthwise and crosswise stretch for quick, easy application

·         Conforms to joints securely and will not wrinkle slip

·         Durable and economical, may be washed for reuse

·         Steam autoclavable for sterile applications

·         Provides an extra measure of protection when frequent changes of bandages are required

·         Available in 4 sizes to fit a wide variety of applications