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Mediven Gauntlet (Handpiece)

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Lymphedema Gauntlets

Designed to aid in the management of primary or secondary lymphedema of the hand while offering therapeutic compression, comfort, easy care and durability.

Manufactured in a choice of Class I mmHg or Class II mmHg compression grades, Mediven gauntlets are formulated to encourage lymphflow by increasing muscle pumping efficiency and corresponding tissue pressure.

Mediven gauntlets are an effective management tool for primary lymphedema patients, as well as those experiencing lymphedema following mastectomy radiotherapy, cellulitis, trauma or surgery.  Mediven gauntlets are also useful in burn therapy, blood poisoning, tennis elbow and edema caused by immobility following a stroke or cast application.

Available in a variety of sizes, Mediven Lymphedema Gauntlets offer patients maximum comfort and adaptability for busy lifestyles.

Color:  Beige