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Komprex Sheet

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Komprex Sheet, 100 x 50 cm. Komprex Foam Rubber In ready-for-use formats of different sizes, with lasting vertical elasticity; for compression in the treatment of edemas in phlebology and lymphology; also used for functional bandages in sports medicine. Komprex Pads Breathable and permeable to water vapor. Komprex Bandages Komprex bandages are indicated for severe edemas, thrombophlebitis and after extensive sclerotherapy of varices. The bandages are applied in spiral layers, without stretching and edge-to-edge, i.e. without overlapping; the increased compression effect is achieved by applying elastic bandages on top. If a dressing is cut to a specific shape from a sheet of Komprex or from a bandage, the edges should be chamfered to prevent pressure spots. Pads, bandages or material cut to size can also be used as partial padding with dressings and splints. Breathable and permeable to water vapor.