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 Insurance Information

Northern Vascular Support, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the patient and the healthcare professional with all issues related to delivery, operation and insurance reimbursement of our products.

Insurance reimbursement criteria for compression products have become very complex and as part of our service to you, Northern Vascular Support will explain to the patient the claims submission process for their particular insurance provider. This enables the patient to fully understand the documentation required and processing time needed. 

Medical products with compressions of 20-30 on up require a prescription from a medical doctor. Northern Vascular Support requires that patients seeking compression products and devices be under the care of a physician prior to order intake. For a list of physicians and medical professional familiar with lymphedema or for a vascular medical doctor or wound care center in your area, please contact us for a physician referral.


Coverage for our health care system of compression garments varies across the United States.

There are many different governmental and private payer plans, all of which have their own criteria for reviewing and approving medical claims. This information may be useful in assisting you in having our products covered or reimbursed by your insurance plan, but we can not guarantee coverage. 

Please contact us if you need a copy of the following forms:

1.  Medical Director's Statement

2.  Physician Pad Script
3.  Statement of Medical Necessity
4.  Synopsis of Clinical Studies