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Lohmann Rauscher > Cellona 15cm x 3m (Padding Bandages) - per roll
Cellona 15cm x 3m (Padding Bandages) - per roll

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Cellona Synthetic Padding 15cm x 3m  .  The padding is soft and elastic. The fine fibrous web is strong enough to permit application in circular layers, but is easy to tear and provides a smooth surface. The material’s self-adhesion facilitates application by simply smoothing down. Cellona synthetic padding is breathable and compensates for changes in temperature. The fibers do not absorb any moisture, and the good padding effect is retained with long-term wear. No optical brighteners, in various sizes in roll form, with paper wrapper; sterilizable. Cellona synthetic padding is also used for padding splints, zinc paste bandages (Unna’s Boot) and adhesive bandages. For wound treatment – in combination with textile dressings or ointment tulle – Cellona padding acts as a breathable cushion.