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Jobst Ready-To-Wear Gauntlet

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JOBST Ready-To-Gauntlet, 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg For Daytime Use (Beige) The JOBST Ready-to-Wear Gauntlet joins the JOBST family of compression garments and fills the need for a pre-made gauntlet to help maintain the limb size of lymphedema patients. This cool and comfortable gauntlet provides gradient compression to assist in patient management following trauma, surgery or radiation therapy. FEATURES: - Soft and air permeable - Lightweight, knit construction - Fits a wider range of arm shapes with fewer sizes - Reduced compression at the wrist and axilla - Easy to put on, comfortable to wear - Durable - Compression level: 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg INDICATIONS: - Edema - Mild to moderate lymphedema - Phlebitis - Post-thrombotic syndrome - Vascular malformations - Hypertrophic scars.