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Juxta Fit Lower Legging

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Juxta Fit Lower Legging
The Juxta-Fit™ Lower Legging is available in two standard lengths, 28cm and 36cm, and in sizes ranging from Small to XXL. It can also be ordered custom to fit almost any leg shape and is covered by a one year limited warranty.

Note:  Each custom made garment can be designed to fit the contours of almost any leg and can accommodate a 5% circumference increase and 20% circumference reduction in the limb and still fit comfortably.

A physician's prescription is required. 


  • Cool, light-weight, Breathe-O-Prene® material
  • Patented Juxta-Lock™ Band System for easy application
  • Anti-odor SILVERtec™ lining
  • Controlled bandwidth gradient compression
  • Limited linear stretch material hugs limb
  • Machine washable
  • Standard and Custom Sizing
  •  1 Year Warranty

Adjusting the bands of the garment to a firm and comfortable compression achieves therapeutic levels of gradient compression and can be worn 24 hours a day with the bands being slightly loosened for night time wear.

The Juxta-Fit is specially designed to use varying bandwidths to control and assure gradient compression regardless of limb shape.

Comes in two lengths 28 cm and 36 cm 


Band System: Juxta-Lock with Bandwidth Gradient Control
Compression: 30-50mmHg, Firm and Comfortable
Static Stiffness Index: 14 mmHg (pressure drop from standing to laying down)
Period of Wear: Daytime/Nighttime
Warranty: One Year
Contents: Nylon, Polyethylene Plastic, Polyurethane, Lycra, Silver
Indications: Lymphedema, other forms of Edema: Venous, Post Traumatic, Post Surgical, "Lipedema", Varicose Veins (all types), Chronic Venous Insufficiency ("CVI"), Venous Stasis Disease, Venous Valvular Insufficiency ("VVI"), Venous Insufficiency, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, Venous Ulcer (Stasis Ulcer), Angiodysplasia, Post Sclerotherapy, Thrombosis Prevention, Venous Eczema, Lipodermatosclerosis
Contraindications: Severe Peripheral Arterial Disease, Decompensated Congestive Heart Failure, Septic Phlebitis, Phlegmasia Cerula Dolens, Decreased or absent sensation in the leg, Allergy to compression material, Moderate peripheral arterial disease, Infection in the leg
Packaging Includes: One compression legging and ankle-foot wrap. Shelf straps (as needed) and one pair of Comfort Lycra Knee-High socks an instructional DVD is available upon request.