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A medical compression socks/stocking is made with elastic fibers such as spandex or natural rubber and interwoven with nylon and/or cotton. The construction of the medical compression product is such that the greatest compression is applied at the ankle and then gradually decreases as you go further up the leg. For a medical compression socks/stocking to be medically effective, the product must produced the desired compression when worn by the patient and the compression must be sustained over long wearing periods. Because of the requirements of sustained precise compression, SIGVARIS® medical compression socks/stockings are produced under very strict quality standards (ISO 9001).





Medical Compression Products Overview
Product Overview

Definition of Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is the mechanical treatment of venous and lymphatic problems using pressure provided by an elastic bandage, medical compression stockings, socks, and arm-sleeves. It is the basic treatment for chronic venous insufficiency and lymphedema. Treatment of venous problems depends on the severity of the condition. Minor symptoms respond to changes in lifestyle, while more serious conditions may require medication or surgery.

It is important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and treatment options. Wearing SIGVARIS® medical compression hosiery provides support for the veins and muscles of the legs. Compression is graduated, strongest at the ankle with decreasing compression up the leg. This design compresses dilated veins to help move blood up the legs and back to the heart.





Arm Sleeves


Sigvaris 500 Series Available 30-40 mmHg (503)

(Beige Only)


1.     Sigvaris Arm Sleeve without gauntlet (C-H) with straps

2.     Sigvaris Arm Sleeve with gauntlet (A-H) with straps


Sigvaris 900 Series Available 20-30 mmHg (901) and 30-40 mmHg (902)

(Beige Only)


1.     Sigvaris 901 Arm Sleeve without gauntlet (C-G) without support straps

2.     Sigvaris 901 Arm Sleeve with gauntlet (A-G) without support straps

3.     Sigvaris 902 Arm Sleeve without gauntlet (C-G) without support straps (option – silicone border)

4.     Sigvaris 902 Arm Sleeve with gauntlet (A-G) without support straps (option – silicone border)


Knee High Stockings


Sigvaris 500 Series Available 30-40 mmHg (503), 40-50 mmHg (504), 50-60 mmHg (505)


1.     Sigvaris Calf with open toe


Thigh High Stockings


Sigvaris 500 Series Available 30-40 mmHg (503), 40-50 mmHg (504), or 50-60 mmHg (505)


1.     Sigvaris Half-thigh with open toe (available in 30-40 mmHg or 40-50 mmHg)

2.     Sigvaris Half-thigh with grip top and open toe (available in 30-40 mmHg only)

3.     Sigvaris Thigh with open toe (available in 30-40 mmHg, 40-50 mmHg, or 50-60 mmHg)

4.     Sigvaris Thigh with grip top and open toe (available in 30-40 mmHg only)

5.     Sigvaris Thigh with waist attachment and open toe (available in 30-40 mmHg or 40-50 mmHg)




Sigvaris 500 Series Available in 30-40 mmHg only (503)


1.      Sigvaris Pantyhose with open toe



The SIGVARIS® design works because the pressure exerted by the SIGVARIS® medical compression socks/stockings narrows the diameter of the veins so that the flow-rate of the venous blood is accelerated in the direction of the heart and the venous valves are made to function again. In this way edemas are prevented and the danger of thrombosis and other complications reduced. SIGVARIS® medical compression stockings have been on the market for decades. Their value in modern phlebology has been documented in over 120 scientific studies.

SIGVARIS® offers an extensive line of compression hosiery with a wide range of sizes to fit over 85% of all patients, eliminating the need for more expensive, custom-made hosiery. Our variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and compression categories are designed to treat the full range of veno-lymphatic disorders, while offering patients choices to fit their lifestyle. SIGVARIS® is an ISO 9001-registered manufacturing facility that uses state-of-the-art computerized knitting technology. Products are made with covered elastic yarns that optimize both patient comfort and durability. 


GANZONI/SIGVARIS – a traditional Swiss company whose history goes back to 1864.


The product: Compression therapy as the solution to the problems of people with venous disorders has been the core business of SIGVARIS for the past 40 years. The SIGVARIS product range comprises medical compression stockings for the treatment, and support stockings for the prevention of venous disorders as well as innovative products for improving quality of life. SIGVARIS also offers a series of additional articles to complete its product range.

Active market presence: SIGVARIS is the market leader in many countries. With 8 undertakings on 3 continents, more than 700 employees and around 60 agencies worldwide, SIGVARIS is characterized by an active market presence. To date, about 50 million medical compression and support stockings have been sold by SIGVARIS. Worldwide, around three million are sold per year.

The ideal approach: The SIGVARIS maxim is: "To improve the quality of life". SIGVARIS aims to improve the quality of life of people who are suffering from veno-lymphatic diseases. In this, SIGVARIS does not limit itself only to the manufacture and sale of medical compression and support stockings, but also provides active support for the doctor, the user and the specialist store in the prevention and treatment of venous disorders.


The aim of the SIGVARIS network is the closest cooperation and partnership possible between the doctor, the specialist store and the manufacturer, to the benefit of the user.

The "SIGVARIS network" contributes towards ensuring closer contacts between doctors and the specialist store, training specialist personnel, informing the users and promoting awareness of venous diseases.

Because contact and partnership lead to joint success in the fight against venous disease.

SIGVARIS also considers itself as a "network" manager in the medical field. SIGVARIS is active in providing knowledge for specialists and general practitioners. In this, we support doctors in their research work in looking for new therapies in the fields of the treatment and prevention of venous diseases, organize workshops either at our own seminar facilities or locally, and provide explanatory documentation and documentation for training purposes or for presentations.

What are medical compression socks/stockings?